Denim on Denim OOTD

If you all saw my last post, I decided to revamp this old denim jacket that was laying around. I added fleece along the inside and the collar to give a nice sherpa lined look. I never rocked the denim on denim look but I thought what the heck, ya only live once amirite’.


Going into the city always gives me a reason to really experiment with some new looks. I rocked my denim jacket with other thirfted goodies like my mom jeans I mentioned in my Goodwill Thrift Haul. It was also an excuse for me to wear my new heather gray beanie I scored at Target that was on clearance for $2.49. The only thing that sucks about light colored beanies is having my make-up smudged on the rim it. I love me a good ol’ striped shirt and this sweater I wore added an additional layer for warmth.

With this look, I couldn’t help but feel like a baws! I want to experiment with more looks and hopefully, some more D.I.Y’s  in the future as well.

I hope you found this somewhat inspirational! I’ll speak with you all soon!

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D.I.Y Revamped Denim Jacket

I’ve always loved the look of sherpa lined denim jackets but the cost always prevented me from actually ever purchasing one. A couple of weeks ago I went into Anthropology and I was immediately attracted to this Levi’s Jacket, but of course it cost around $150 and I sucked my teeth and put it back on the rack. So I thought to myself, I can totally make something similar at home for a fraction of the cost.  I went down to my local fabric store in Jackson Heights and purchased a yard of this off-white fleece for $6 and I revamped my old denim jacket.

I thrifted this jacket back in 2012 for around $5 and I was so excited. I wore it almost every single day my freshmen year in college. However, as you can see, the collar of the jacket is all wonky. Which is one of the main reasons why I’ve stopped gravitating towards it. It’s a real shame because the back has a really awesome embroidered design. But let’s get into how I flipped this old jacket.

The materials that you need are the following:

A denim jacket

A yard of fleece with a similar sherpa texture

A pair of scissors

A pencil and a pen

A ruler

A needle or a sewing machine

A spool of thread that matches the thread on the jacket

A roll of craft paper

Let’s Get Started!

First, we need to create a pattern using the jacket. I laid it down on some scrap craft paper and traced the outline of the collar, the back and the front panels of the jacket. You can use old Christmas wrapping paper too if you don’t have any craft paper. For the collar, I made sure to add half and inch all around the collar because I wanted to fold the edge in to make a cleaner line. The inside of the jacket I made the pattern without any seam allowance since it’s on the inside and the edges don’t need to be super clean.

After you double check that the pattern fits you trace the pattern onto the fleece and cut everything out. I start off by sewing down the front pieces first. You can do this with a machine, which is a lot faster. I personally didn’t want to have different lines across my jackets so I sewed everything by hand. I blind stitched all the way around that way you won’t be able to see any stitches from the front. After the front was all sewn down I pinned and sewed on the back piece.

With the collar, I was very patient and took the most time to sew it on. The thread would have to go through to the underside of the collar so I made sure that I lined up each stitch with a pre-existing stitch on the collar.

Overall this project took me around 5 hours to finish from start to finish. This was mainly due to the fact that I did everything by hand.

I hope this inspired you to revamp any of your old denim jackets! They deserve a second chance. Keep an eye out for a future OOTD featuring this jacket. Speak with you all soon!

Style by Sis