My BBC Outfit

Black, Bold, and Confident! Get your head out of the gutter ya nasty!

Asian girl wearing hat and beige jacket

For me, this wide black brimmed hat has been one of those things tucked away in my closet ever since I purchased it. There has never been an occasion special enough to fit this bold piece. Hypothetically, if the weather were right, and if I were to wake up looking flawless, I would commit to this bold black hat as my weapon of choice.

I chose black high neck crop top to go with my black A-line skirt, which has large buttons running down the center. For me, I normally buy solid colored clothing. The pieces are not only simple and minimalistic, they are super versatile. I can wear the same pieces in various outfits time and time again. You can choose a different color or print if you’d like, but I suggest wearing an A-line silhouette skirt to flatter any figure.


I wore black thick-heeled booties for extra height and an edgy look. You can wear a pair of comfy flats instead if you’re on the go. And last but not least, I threw on my current favorite oversized beige blazer. At some angles, it looks like a trench coat, but this jacket will ultimately give the outfit a street urban feel. It is such a great piece and not to mention only $1.50 at the thrift store.


Tip#1: Wearing all black slims down any figure that could be lost underneath this oversized beige blazer.

Tip#2: Mixing textures allows for a more interesting outfit. You can see that I’m wearing all black, but each piece has a different texture, which makes the look more interesting.

Tip #3: This hat is my statement piece so everything else I’m wearing compliments it rather than competes with it.

Check out some similar styles for the items I’ve paired my outfit with over here!

Crop Top: Forever 21 Cotton Blend Tank

Skirt: Forever 21 Botton Down Mini Skirt – Wine or Forever 21 Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Shoes: Pixie Market Cleated Sole Ankle Boot

Jacket: Uniqlo Men’s Linen Cotton Blazer

My favorite way to dress bold and confident is to add quirky accessories. Style By Sis hopes you find this post helpful. Let us know your favorite accessory to wear when you’re feeling bold and confident.


Comfy Casual

Look comfy and casual with a T-shirt dress.

Asian girl wearing t-shirt dress

When I hang out with friends, I hate looking like I tried too hard. In most cases, I did try hard but I hate looking like it. With the T-shirt dress, I’m able to avoid this problem. I can be chic, comfy, and casual.

In this outfit, I wore a navy and white striped dress, paired with a navy baseball cap and white tennis shoes. I also put on a black and white flannel for the times when New York City MTA subway trains are too cold.

I like this dress because the silhouette and jersey material allows it to be worn for casual occasions. I can see myself wearing this dress to go to brunch with girlfriends, to a movie date night, or even to walk around my college campus.

TIP#1: As long as the hem length isn’t too short, I’ve also seen T-shirt dresses worn at the office on casual Fridays.

Another reason why I love this dress is because of the stripes.

TIP#2: Stripes are a timeless pattern and can be worn throughout all seasons. I suggest finding a T-shirt dress with a simple solid color or one with a timeless pattern. Here are some dresses I would recommend:

Wet Seal T-shirt Dress Black/Ivory
American Eagle Outfitters Sexy and Solid T-shirt Dress
Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress


To add to the casual appeal, a baseball cap and flannel will enhance the look. To personalize your outfit, add your favorite baseball cap. .

Tip#3: You can switch out the flannel for a blazer or jacket for more sophistication. Or, you can take the flannel out entirely.

Asian girl wearing flannel

I wore my white leather Keds® so I can walk around the city all day. You can switch out the shoes and wear your favorite flats or pumps.

Style By Sis hopes you find this outfit and tips useful in your search for the perfect comfy casual look. Good luck!