Denim on Denim OOTD

If you all saw my last post, I decided to revamp this old denim jacket that was laying around. I added fleece along the inside and the collar to give a nice sherpa lined look. I never rocked the denim on denim look but I thought what the heck, ya only live once amirite’.


Going into the city always gives me a reason to really experiment with some new looks. I rocked my denim jacket with other thirfted goodies like my mom jeans I mentioned in my Goodwill Thrift Haul. It was also an excuse for me to wear my new heather gray beanie I scored at Target that was on clearance for $2.49. The only thing that sucks about light colored beanies is having my make-up smudged on the rim it. I love me a good ol’ striped shirt and this sweater I wore added an additional layer for warmth.

With this look, I couldn’t help but feel like a baws! I want to experiment with more looks and hopefully, some more D.I.Y’s  in the future as well.

I hope you found this somewhat inspirational! I’ll speak with you all soon!

Style by Sis


D.I.Y Revamped Denim Jacket

I’ve always loved the look of sherpa lined denim jackets but the cost always prevented me from actually ever purchasing one. A couple of weeks ago I went into Anthropology and I was immediately attracted to this Levi’s Jacket, but of course it cost around $150 and I sucked my teeth and put it back on the rack. So I thought to myself, I can totally make something similar at home for a fraction of the cost.  I went down to my local fabric store in Jackson Heights and purchased a yard of this off-white fleece for $6 and I revamped my old denim jacket.

I thrifted this jacket back in 2012 for around $5 and I was so excited. I wore it almost every single day my freshmen year in college. However, as you can see, the collar of the jacket is all wonky. Which is one of the main reasons why I’ve stopped gravitating towards it. It’s a real shame because the back has a really awesome embroidered design. But let’s get into how I flipped this old jacket.

The materials that you need are the following:

A denim jacket

A yard of fleece with a similar sherpa texture

A pair of scissors

A pencil and a pen

A ruler

A needle or a sewing machine

A spool of thread that matches the thread on the jacket

A roll of craft paper

Let’s Get Started!

First, we need to create a pattern using the jacket. I laid it down on some scrap craft paper and traced the outline of the collar, the back and the front panels of the jacket. You can use old Christmas wrapping paper too if you don’t have any craft paper. For the collar, I made sure to add half and inch all around the collar because I wanted to fold the edge in to make a cleaner line. The inside of the jacket I made the pattern without any seam allowance since it’s on the inside and the edges don’t need to be super clean.

After you double check that the pattern fits you trace the pattern onto the fleece and cut everything out. I start off by sewing down the front pieces first. You can do this with a machine, which is a lot faster. I personally didn’t want to have different lines across my jackets so I sewed everything by hand. I blind stitched all the way around that way you won’t be able to see any stitches from the front. After the front was all sewn down I pinned and sewed on the back piece.

With the collar, I was very patient and took the most time to sew it on. The thread would have to go through to the underside of the collar so I made sure that I lined up each stitch with a pre-existing stitch on the collar.

Overall this project took me around 5 hours to finish from start to finish. This was mainly due to the fact that I did everything by hand.

I hope this inspired you to revamp any of your old denim jackets! They deserve a second chance. Keep an eye out for a future OOTD featuring this jacket. Speak with you all soon!

Style by Sis

New York City Winter OOTD

It has been getting cold out here in NYC, but you do not have to sacrifice your style for function. Here is my OOTD from this past weekend!


In this outfit, I wore my current FAVORITE gray turtleneck that I thrifted a while back along with this dark plum colored trenchcoat. Wearing a turtleneck can also replace the need for a scarf so you can stay cozy and stylish!


I have been seeing longer coats during this winter season so I wanted to find something different and it just so happened that this trench coat was on sale for 50% at the thrift store! It only cost me $10 for this beauty.


The jeans are my Ralph Lauren mom jeans from my Goodwill Outlet haul from my previous post. Check it out over here if you want to see the other gems I found that day! And last but not least the shoes are my Doc Martins I purchased back in November. My entire outfit only cost me around $20 but my shoes were $130 haha. They were an investment that I was willing to make.

Here is a link to the shoes:

Emmeline Arcadia

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD and inspired you to hit your local thrift store this week! See you soon!

Style by Sis

Goodwill Outlet Thrift Haul

This past weekend I went to the Goodwill Outlet with my friend Krissy and we came back with awesome finds! In total, I spent only $15.21 for 9 items, so everything averages out to $1.69 per item! For those who may not be familiar with a Goodwill Outlet, it is basically a warehouse where all the unsold items from all the Goodwill stores go. They sell everything by weight, unlike the store that sells items based on the brand/condition etc. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


From left to right: Lands End Plaid Flannel Size (L), Banana Republic Crop Sweater Size (XS), J.Crew Chambray Tunic Size (XS)

For the Lands End flannel, I am actually going to give it to my boyfriend who has been on the lookout for some nice flannels. I am absolutely in love with the black crop top from the Banana Republic. It is so trendy and I can’t wait to style it with all my high waisted pants! The tunic, however, it a tad bit tight on me so I might be handed that one to my sister.


From left to right: Banana Republic Jeans Size (26P), New York and Company Highwaisted Shorts Size 6, Ralph Lauren High waisted Mom Jeans Size (2P)

For the bottoms, these Ralph Lauren Mom Jeans are such a steal!! I can’t believe I found such a gem, and they fit me like a glove. Whenever I do find high waisted jeans I always have to alter them in some way (e.g, slim down the legs or crop the length), but not these bad boys! I’ve already worn them three times since getting them, so you know I’m going to beat these up. The Banana Republic jeans also fit super snug! I haven’t worn bootcut pants in a while, but if the occasion arises, they will come in handy. I know summer has passed, but that just means I’ll have these New York and Company high waisted shorts ready for summer 2017!


From left to right: J.Crew Piolet Jacket Size (0), Mango Suit Blazer Size (XS), Mink Cardigan Size (M)

For outerwear, I have been meaning to get a more fitted blazer since most of my blazers are rather oversized, so I am super excited for this navy Mango blazer. Also, this J.Crew Jacket is amazing and in such good condition! Again, just like my blazers, a majority of my jackets are also oversized, so having this fitted jacket will come in handy for the times I want a more polished look. The Mink cardigan is super soft and I love the salt and pepper knit.

That wraps up my Goodwill Thrift Haul! I hope to post more of my thrift hauls in the future.

Style by Sis hopes you found this helpful and good luck to those heading into their Final Exams Week!

Back to School Style Swap Pt.II

In seventh grade, the cool trend was wearing plaid pajama pants tucked into a pair of Uggs. I attempted to leave the house one morning dressed like that and was sent back upstairs by my mother.  

“Why do you have to wear PJs to school just because everyone else does? You can plan a better outfit than that,” she reasoned as I grumbled under my breath. She had a point. Why was I compromising my individuality to wear something I didn’t even think was cute?

Following that mentality, I’ve always dressed up for school. Even when my peers commented on my fashion forward questionable style choices, I ignored the criticism. College was no different. People may have judged me for not committing to the unspoken ‘rolled-out-of-bed-to-make-it-to-this-8AM-lecture’ dress code. But the only person who cared the most about what I was wearing was me. Check out what I’d wear if I was heading back to school, as modeled by my dear friend Stef 🙂


Outfit #1: The Reformed Hillbilly

I understand why people wear sweatpants to class. Sweatpants are cozy, and you can take a nap in them after class. I put Stef in overalls because they are just as roomy as a pair of sweats, but with an added level of cool.

TIP #1: What separates this outfit from a day-in-the-field to a day-on-campus is the light white button-up underneath. A white button-up is a staple piece, especially in post-grad life when you’re transitioning from casual to work wear.   

TIP #2: Opt for a shoulder bag instead of a backpack. It can help you look more mature.


Outfit #2:

As a self-proclaimed girly-girl, wearing sneakers outside of the gym has always been a challenge for me. Lately, I’ve been finding new ways to style my sneakerhead habit.    

TIP #3: If you want your shoes to be the sole focus (heh) of your outfit, wear them with ankle length bottoms in order to draw more attention.

TIP #2: Sneakers naturally convey a sporty vibe, which people often try to combat with blazers and dresses. With this outfit, I’ve embraced it and paired the shoes with a varsity bomber. The black satin material makes it different from your typical jock jacket. 

dsc_0147Outfit #3:

These boots were made for walking. This is a nice outfit for a night out with your girls.

TIP #5: Rocking thigh high boots is all about proportions.  A loose top balances the form fitting boots. Shorts ensure that the boots don’t cut off your legs at an awkward place.

TIP #2: WERK IT. Own the fact you look like a cross between a gogo dancer and Violet from The Incredibles. Confidence is key and ya look good.

This concludes our style swap for some back to school looks! Style By Sis hopes you found these tips helpful! Stay tuned for more fashion and beauty posts.

We are heading to Generation Beauty NYC this weekend so let us know what kinds of content you would like to see!

Back to School Style Swap

Summer is coming to an end and it’s back to school for most of us. We decided to do things a bit differently and styled three outfits for back to school but with a twist! I style swapped three outfits for our friend Krissy and vice versa, so let’s get straight to it!

For this outfit, I decided to go with the Canadian uniform – all denim everything. I chose a loose-fitting chambray button-up paired with my thrifted Levi’s Boyfriend jeans. For accessories, I added a big ol’ backpack to cram your textbooks and laptop in. Lastly and most importantly, I paired some comfy Adidas sneakers to fit any busy schedule. This is a quick and easy outfit that is functional and cute.

Tip#1: I choose three different shades of denim to refrain from being tacky. The chambray top is much lighter in color than the jeans and the backpack is made from reverse denim.

For the second outfit, I decided to style Krissy in a more form-fitting outfit. The top has a great ribbed detail and the color complements these black high-waisted jeans.


I decided to pop on a cute choker to really tie the whole look together. You can always make the outfit more casual by adding your favorite baseball cap. And of course, some comfy sneakers.

For the last outfit, paired this sleeveless denim top with a pair of black linen pants. Since it’s still warm in NYC, I finished the look with these open toe flats. The front toe is a nice caramel brown while the back heel is made of black leather. The two-tone flats make for a more interesting look.


Tip#2: Try adding a funky accessory or item to any plain outfits to make them more unique. For this outfit I thought the shoes were quite and a nice addition.

Check out some similar items I’ve paired for these outfits over here!

Outfit #1

Top: J. Crew Chambray Button-up
Jeans: Levi’s Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Adidas NEO Baseline Sneakers
Bag: Everlane Modern Snap Backpack

Outfit #2

Jeans: Topshop MOTO High-waisted Black Skinny Jeans
Bag: Rafura Black Leather Backpack
Hat: Urban Outfitters Basic Baseball Cap

Outfit #3

Top:Nordstrom Rack Sleeveless Denim Button Up
Pants:ASOS Slim Black Linen Pants
Shoes: J. Crew 2 Tone Peep Toe Flats

That sums it up for my portion of our style swap. Stay tuned to see how Krissy styled me in for three more back to school looks. Style By Sis hopes you found this blog post useful! Good luck!


High-­waisted shorts for the hot summer heat!

I don’t know about you, but the moment high­-waisted bottoms came back as a fashion trend, I’ve gotten on board and haven’t gotten off since.

A majority of my bottoms, which ranges from shorts, skirts, jeans to trousers, are most likely high­-waisted. For this outfit, in particular, I paired my favorite loose high­-waisted shorts with my pink and white pinstripe button-up. I tucked in the bottom of my shirt for a more polished look. The sleeves on the button-up are pinned back with a strap so they  aren’t constricting like a formal button-­up. The length of the sleeves eliminates the need  for a cardigan (in the case of extremely air­ conditioned places like the MTA trains or restaurants). I  find that adding a button­-up with these denim shorts make it more casual and preppy.

Adding to the preppy vibes, I wore my mini brown leather backpack and brown loafers. Honestly, the only thing missing from this outfit to make it look like I came back from the country club is a knit sweater wrapped around my neck, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

Tip #1: When wearing anything high-­waisted, it can accentuate your waistline. So I suggest pairing your bottoms with a crop top or tuck in any normal shirt you have.

Tip#2: If I ever learned anything from my eighth­-grade earth science teacher, it was to make sure your belt and shoes matched (we learned about rocks and topography of course, but this  was more important). Instead of a belt, I made sure all my accessories matched. As you can see  my backpack and loafers are similar shades of brown. By adding similar shades of leather they  work cohesively together, rather than against each other (unless that’s what you want).

Tip #3: When shopping, look for a more versatile piece. For me, I can also see myself wearing  the same button-­up to a day at the office. Just throw on a pair of black trouser pants, switch out  brown loafers for a pair of black pumps or ballet flats, and boom another outfit.

Here are some suggestions for your look:

Button­up:  J. Crew Button­up

Shorts:  Urban Outfitters Tommy Shorts

Loafers:  G.H Bass Loafers
The link to the loafers is the exact pair I wore!

Backpack:  Patricia Nash Backpack

Style By Sis hopes you found this blog post useful! Good luck on your high-waisted outfit!

Flower Power

An effortless flirty look.

DSC_0335On weekends, I like to dress more feminine and flirty with floral prints. I would wear this look to an afternoon date, to brunch with girlfriends, or to go to class.  In this look, I’m wearing a floral print dress. It is a thin strap mini dress that has an A-line silhouette. The bright pink and red flowers contrast with the white fabric. My favorite part about this dress is the A-line skirt. It gives my figure a girly, feminine silhouette and compliments any figure.

TIP#1: If you are looking for a bold look, find a dress with big flowers. If you are looking for a subtle look, find a print with smaller flowers. From a distance, the flowers will look like polka dots.

Paired with the dress, I threw on an off-white knit cardigan. The cardigan keeps me warm in extremely cold air conditioned MTA trains, but I can always take it off when I walk around outside.

DSC_0295Tip#2: Wearing neutral solid colors over a loud print can help tone down the outfit and make it seem more casual. Feel free to add a jacket or blazer instead. If it’s warmer where you live, you can take off the cardigan entirely.

On the bottom, I wore a pair of camel colored Mary Jane pumps. I decided to go for my Mary Jane pumps to tie in the flirty, girly, and effortless look. These pair of pumps have a low heel so I can practically run in these. You can always wear higher heels if you want a more formal look. And lastly, I paired my outfit with gold accessories.


Here are some suggestions for your look:

Link for dress: Lulu’s Day and Foliage Blue and Ivory Floral Print Dress

Link for cardigan: Banana Republic’s Extra-Fine Merino Wool Boyfriend Cardigan

Link for shoes: JCPenny’s Journee Collection Jamie Mary Jane Pumps

Whenever you want to look flirty and feminine, don’t shy away from floral prints. Style By Sis hopes you found this article to be helpful. Good luck!

My BBC Outfit

Black, Bold, and Confident! Get your head out of the gutter ya nasty!

Asian girl wearing hat and beige jacket

For me, this wide black brimmed hat has been one of those things tucked away in my closet ever since I purchased it. There has never been an occasion special enough to fit this bold piece. Hypothetically, if the weather were right, and if I were to wake up looking flawless, I would commit to this bold black hat as my weapon of choice.

I chose black high neck crop top to go with my black A-line skirt, which has large buttons running down the center. For me, I normally buy solid colored clothing. The pieces are not only simple and minimalistic, they are super versatile. I can wear the same pieces in various outfits time and time again. You can choose a different color or print if you’d like, but I suggest wearing an A-line silhouette skirt to flatter any figure.


I wore black thick-heeled booties for extra height and an edgy look. You can wear a pair of comfy flats instead if you’re on the go. And last but not least, I threw on my current favorite oversized beige blazer. At some angles, it looks like a trench coat, but this jacket will ultimately give the outfit a street urban feel. It is such a great piece and not to mention only $1.50 at the thrift store.


Tip#1: Wearing all black slims down any figure that could be lost underneath this oversized beige blazer.

Tip#2: Mixing textures allows for a more interesting outfit. You can see that I’m wearing all black, but each piece has a different texture, which makes the look more interesting.

Tip #3: This hat is my statement piece so everything else I’m wearing compliments it rather than competes with it.

Check out some similar styles for the items I’ve paired my outfit with over here!

Crop Top: Forever 21 Cotton Blend Tank

Skirt: Forever 21 Botton Down Mini Skirt – Wine or Forever 21 Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Shoes: Pixie Market Cleated Sole Ankle Boot

Jacket: Uniqlo Men’s Linen Cotton Blazer

My favorite way to dress bold and confident is to add quirky accessories. Style By Sis hopes you find this post helpful. Let us know your favorite accessory to wear when you’re feeling bold and confident.

Comfy Casual

Look comfy and casual with a T-shirt dress.

Asian girl wearing t-shirt dress

When I hang out with friends, I hate looking like I tried too hard. In most cases, I did try hard but I hate looking like it. With the T-shirt dress, I’m able to avoid this problem. I can be chic, comfy, and casual.

In this outfit, I wore a navy and white striped dress, paired with a navy baseball cap and white tennis shoes. I also put on a black and white flannel for the times when New York City MTA subway trains are too cold.

I like this dress because the silhouette and jersey material allows it to be worn for casual occasions. I can see myself wearing this dress to go to brunch with girlfriends, to a movie date night, or even to walk around my college campus.

TIP#1: As long as the hem length isn’t too short, I’ve also seen T-shirt dresses worn at the office on casual Fridays.

Another reason why I love this dress is because of the stripes.

TIP#2: Stripes are a timeless pattern and can be worn throughout all seasons. I suggest finding a T-shirt dress with a simple solid color or one with a timeless pattern. Here are some dresses I would recommend:

Wet Seal T-shirt Dress Black/Ivory
American Eagle Outfitters Sexy and Solid T-shirt Dress
Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress


To add to the casual appeal, a baseball cap and flannel will enhance the look. To personalize your outfit, add your favorite baseball cap. .

Tip#3: You can switch out the flannel for a blazer or jacket for more sophistication. Or, you can take the flannel out entirely.

Asian girl wearing flannel

I wore my white leather Keds® so I can walk around the city all day. You can switch out the shoes and wear your favorite flats or pumps.

Style By Sis hopes you find this outfit and tips useful in your search for the perfect comfy casual look. Good luck!